Monday, August 23, 2010


It's the air I feel the most.
When Summer shrugs his woolen coat away
and linen hangs in a cooling breeze.
The sunlight softens and all around me Fall begins to stir.

Nevermind the fat squirrels....
Photo by Chris

Friday, August 13, 2010

OMG I Need to Clean

Like desperately clean. I feel chaotic but somehow out of the chaos things are coming together!

This isn't really crafting for myself, but it's for my mom so that kind of counts right? It's for her very large stuffed sheep (who I've named Henry). He has only one other blanket and she requested something more patriotic.

In the mean time there's errands to run and supper to figure out. But I can't start supper until I've cleaned the kitchen which was floured and egged during the morning baking experiment, pound cake. For the record I'll be attempting this again as soon as I've got more eggs and butter. I also have plans to start on cleaning the sewing room. It's a sneezing chaos back there.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Of Things to Come

Sorry for the blogging hiatus. As my "9-5" ended there were several loose ends that needed tied up, sorted and gathered in. But things are settling in now and I'm getting used to a schedule that I haven't been on since, well college. I spent last week not only sorting thru personal matters but also finding joy in the little things again like cooking, hanging laundry out, picking copious amounts of cherry tomatoes and photography.
I'd kind of forgotten how fast everything had been going when I was working constantly. I know working from home won't always be easy, but I'm hoping it'll give me the chance to enjoy the things I'd put aside and neglected for so long.

Happy Guinness Cat
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