Saturday, December 29, 2012

Still Out and About

I promise you that I'm still around these parts :)
Though I haven't been posting I have been sewing up a mean storm of quilts, the last of which is about to be given away this January.

I know I've promised pictures of the whole lot of them and everything that's been happening, but for now Instagram snaps will have to suffice till I get practically 100+ pictures uploaded, sorted and eventually blogged about.

Mama be quiltin'

Fiona's new Christmas stocking made using a Lil' Twister template.

Almost done...2 more quilts to go.

A baby quilt for a friend whose having their first boy!

And of course a fun shot of Miss Fi who is now 4 months old, good grief and here I thought I wouldn't make it to January.

See you in the New Year with some fun goals and better pictures!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Turkey, Holidays and Learning to Sleep

Can you believe Thanksgiving is in 3 days over here in the States?

Halloween was awful around our area because of the Superstorm, but we managed to have a good turn out for Trick-o-Treat night and I did a mini-shoot with Fiona just to be festive.
It makes me wonder if there will be a Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade because of Superstorm Sandy.  It also makes me think about all those people who lost everything in the storm and I wish I could give even more.
Reminds me that there is alot to be thankful for and grateful for this year.  Here's a small list:

- being able to donate
- getting 4-5 hrs of sleep at night now!
- that the election season is FINALLY OVER
- the ability to bake
- learning to quilt on my home sewing machine
- feeling like my old "pre-baby" self
- going back to yoga
- being able to go to my family's Thanksgiving this year to see everyone
- having common sense to know when to slow down now
- and a very loving husband

I do have pictures of my sister Rachel's baby quilt.  Chris needs to re-route my old cutout that I had in my sewing table so it fits my new machine properly and so I can glide and slide the fabric thru the machine.  I need to have this done rather urgently because I know it's going to take me a while to quilt that one AND the patriotic quilt (Stars and Stripes quilt ) for my sister-in-law Crystal.  Yes! She is getting it for a present this year :)

I feel so "pro" being able to get these gifts done, mostly thanks to Fiona for learning to nap longer and for Chris watching her in the evenings.


Have a good Monday everyone!

Monday, October 22, 2012

A Bit of This

I hear tell that most babies will sleep 5 hour stretches at night. 
I've deemed this poopycock, a myth, and something that is totally not on Fiona's agenda.

Nap Attack @ 2 months
Except when she's next to Dad.

But what's really sad is that because I've had so little sleep over the past few months (I will only drive somewhere if I know I'll have a nap before I need to go out it's that bad sometimes) I have to keep Tumus closed for the 2012 Holiday season.
There have been ALOT of additional changes to Etsy since I've been on maternity leave (Direct Checkout, Gift Cards, new Browsing feature, Category Elimination from the Front name a few) and some of the changes baffle me.  I'm not sure how I would've been found this Holiday with all the new search and browsing changes they've implemented.  Hopefully by the time I return the worst of the kinks will be worked out.

This makes me contemplate the possibility of designing a website for e-commerce and moving in a new direction that is less dependent on Etsy.  Of course that means more work on my part and better time management...something which is impossible for the time being.

I have been busy, in the meantime, helping out with pattern testing and putting in an hour or two on Christmas present quilts and I will eventually get my camera down there to show you exactly what they look like before they're finished ^_~
So for now here's hoping I manage to snag a solid 3 hours of sleep so I can start enjoying these squishy cheeks a bit more.

Friday, October 5, 2012

It's More Than Just Big Bird

It baffled me when I watched the Presidential Debate on Wednesday night to actually hear Mitt Romney say, "Sorry Jim, but I'm going to cut funding to all PBS stations." right to Jim Lehr's face.  
 Sure Romney's been threatening to do this for a while and I'm an avid listener to my local public radio/NPR station, but funding for public broadcasting isn't about keeping the "hippies & liberals" happy. and it's certainly not one of those services that isn't used. 
 I grew up listening to alot of radio, mostly the local Christian station and they used to run all sorts of interesting and insightful programs.  It wasn't just music ALL THE TIME like most radio is these days.

Now that I'm older I've taken a very fond liking to WYSO for much the same reasons, the strong, insightful, well-rounded programing.  Chris might think I'm old fashioned for listening to as much radio as I do and probably finds it "hippy-ish", but I look forward to hearing certain shows each week (This American Life, Wait-Wait-Don't Tell Me, The Dear Green Place - for Celtic Music (locally produced), Alpha Rhythms (locally produced), Fresh Air to name a few).  I try to support this kind of service because doing so means I can help keep it around for others who might not be able to donate like I can.  And that means more people are given the opportunity to learn and discover.

In an age where so much radio and TV is just bland, one sided and boring, public broadcasting keeps the creative spark alive. 

If my local PBS station had to rely solely on donations I might lose great shows like Sherlock Holmes, Downton Abbey, Masterpiece Theater, Austin City Limits, Antiques Roadshow, and the BBC News Hour.  Heck even NOVA is still around and that program is still interesting. 

I won't make this a politcal post so I'll just leave this here for your consideration.  

Thursday, October 4, 2012

This is Life

She did it....

And it's tiring and hilarious all at the same time.  That crappy pic was taken from my phone and for some reason she was pooping up a storm.  It was pure luck that I caught her pointing back at me.  She's going be an onery one I just know it.

I have been doing some sewing as crazy as that may be but it's nice and at times a good way to give my tired brain a break for an hour.  So far Fi likes to hang out in her swing and watch me cut and sew when we manage to get down to the new sewing room.  She's starting to coo over the colors which is pretty darn cute and she's already been to my two favorite quilt stores where she's a mini-celebrity.

First attempt at the jellyroll 1600

(I'm almost finished with that quilt above, it's made using a fun quick pattern called Jellyroll 1600)

Old women are funny, but I think the oldest women give the best advice.  It's usually advice that the modern world as all but forgotten.  It's common sense mixed with centuries of intuition and there's alot to be learned from that and it's nice that they still remember enough of it to pass it on.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Things I've Been Missing

4 hours and one vacuum cleaner later.

Hint: it involves 8 hrs

Hint: Everyone else does it.

Cat origami

Hint: Our cats do it all day long.

Answer: Sleep.

Everyone tells me I'll miss these sleepless nights (and even days) but I'm not going to lie when I say, no I won't.  I'll miss her being this little and super adorable, but I certainly will not miss the lack of sleep.

In the meantime when she IS napping I've been bad and doing housework or putzing around on the internet.  I know I SHOULD be sleeping, but believe it or not housework makes me feel much more regular and normal than sleeping does.  There's a weird solace that comes with doing the dishes or balancing the checkbook.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The New Kid In Town

On August 14th 2012 I started what would be a very long and hard labor.  The funny thing about labor, other than the incredible amount of energy and work expended, is that after the arrival of your baby you really do forget the pain.

The New Kid
(She was a big one at 9lbs 3oz // 22 in long // she's 4 days old here)

It's hard to describe, but any mother can tell you it's true.
I can vividly remember the experience but I can't remember any of the pain and that seems like such a blessing.

Baby Feet

Fiona Marie arrived August 15th at 3:28pm after 19 hrs of labor (5 of those pushing).  Dr. Guy performed a miraculous delivery that helped me avoid a c-section and put my poor hubby Chris at ease.  They also never tell you how worried and nervous husbands can be in the delivery room.  It breaks my heart to think back on how upset he was over all the pain no matter how many times I told him it would be okay and that it would be worth it in the end exhaustion be damned. 

I was exhausted but the Doc said he'd never seen someone so damned determined after so much pushing.  A+ for me.  I actually had the presence of mind to journal the start, some the of the middle and the end of my labor.  Looking back at it and reading it over makes me weepy.  I'm glad I did it because your first baby will always be a very unique and special memory.

I feel pretty, oh so pretty

I'm still in recovery mode, but each day is a little better than the last thanks to Chris helping in every way possible.
With all the "cooler" weather we've been having it's hard to stay cooped up inside, but I have to rest and take it easy for at least another week.  I'm itching to be back outside and taking walks eventually.  I want to show Fiona all my flowers and plants.  I also can't wait to be sitting normally again (LOL) at my sewing machine which has been looking lonely and forlorn.

I have been peeking in on things though and lurking here and there in my Etsy shop.
It was weird at first coming home with a baby, but now things are falling into a steady routine and it feels like I can totally do this now.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Craft Hope's Project #18

The sewing bug still has it's hold on me as I've been finishing up the last curtains for the nursery windows.  Who knew sewing on fabric buttons would be the most tedious and time consuming task?

In any case I also discovered that Craft for Hope (Craft Hope) is starting in on Project #18.
While I can't truly participate to the extent I'd like due to our baby arriving any day now here's a link to their Facebook page with all the info: 

Abby's B-day quilt

The Project: Quilts for Hope

Goal: To donate 849 quilts to wildfire victims across the Western US

Making info: They'll accept any type of handmade quilt
including those that are knitted or crocheted!
They will also accept quilt blocks, quilt tops, fabric, quilt batting and thread.  
So if you can't do an entire quilt this is a perfect way to still participate!

Deadline: September 15th 2012

Postal Info: Send all donations to - 
Julie Anderson
P.O. Box 453
150 West 300 North
Fairview, Utah 84629

You can also read more about this project over on the Phoenix Quilter's blog:

If you can participate join in on their Facebook page to keep up with any additional details and deadlines!  

Sew Well, Be Well ^_^

Friday, July 27, 2012


The cutest bank...ever

Fiona's nursery is nearly done.  We strive to always finish what we start project-wise, but it's just that being 9 months pregnant has really slowed my pace down. And considering I can't lift much anymore due to an ever present "belly" I feel kind of useless and bored.  Even helping Chris finish out his man cave has been exhausting for me.  But this nursery will be done by the time she gets here, gut feeling.  I'm entirely grateful to my mom and hubby for helping get all the big stuff (like painting and furniture assembly) done and out of the way.

It was SO NICE being able to finally organize, get clothes washed and folded and in their proper place instead of having it lumped into gift bags in the closet.

The crib

I was even able to get the majority of the decals on in one day.

We searched

Love Mae branches

There's Fiona's finished embroidery hoop name.  I used those awesome 3M Command hooks in clear with clear adhesive to hang the hoops off of the branches.  I kind of want more branches to make an actual tree but for now these are perfect ^_^

A mouse with mushrooms

There are a few things left to hang on the walls and of course getting the curtains done and a rug found.  The rug is really the least of my concerns at the moment, but it would be a nice finishing touch.  It's getting closer and while I'm not really tired, uncomfortable or annoyed with being pregnant (despite this constant summer drought/heat wave) it will be a wonderful thing to be able to bend over and touch my toes like a normal person again.

I think toe touching is underrated in today's society.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Coming together!

Things are finally getting finished in the basement and nursery...and none too soon. These pictures are bit "old" as we finished the flooring and wiring of the outlets about 3 weeks ago.  In fact I'm even working in the new sewing room finishing curtains for the nursery.

Final flooring


The laminate went down sorta quick, but the directions lied.  We still had to improvise and hammer each joint in to make sure they locked properly before moving to the next row.  It was not a "one person" job especially in the beginning, but slow and steady wins the race.


The major stuff is done, minus the drop ceiling we plan to install a bit later this year with new lighting, base molding around the floor edge and the windows being framed out.  We just needed to finish it enough to move everything around.  Hooray for goals being met!  Chris' man cave is still a WIP (work in progress) though.  We're still, rather HE is still working on getting his final top coat of drywall mud on.  I hope he can manage to get that done and sanded before the baby arrives.  The finishing coat of drywall mud is always the most annoying stage imo but once you get past that it's a cake walk to paint, floor and wire the rest of the room.

Keep your fingers crossed he feels motivated this week!  I need to take a few shots of the new room even though it's a bit in shambles with things still in boxes and tubs.  I was able to keep the same layout for my tables.  I hope to get a closet and a few other storage odds and ends in a few months once things settle back down.

Monday, June 25, 2012

All work and little play

work, work, work

There's so much to be said for do-it-yourself projects.
Mostly that if you don't make a budget and actually stick to it you'll end up costing yourself more time and money than if you hired out the work in the first place.  But so far we've kept it right on the money.  We will go over, but that's mostly because figuring out the cost of a drop ceiling (and all the bits and bobs that go with it) plus the lighting was really difficult thanks to unhelpful store employees and incomplete hardware kits with missing prices.  We ended up estimating it, but still came up short.  In any case we'll still be doing damn good compared to most people who attempt this stuff for the the first time.

So I feel like we can brag about it.

Primer and paint! Remember kids: get a primer that will "seal" new drywall so when you put on your paint it won't suck it all up making more work for you and costing more paint!

Optimus PRIMER!

There's my awesome other half laying down the DriCore sub-floor.  When I look at how far the rooms have come to where they are now...let's just say I can't believe we did it all ourselves.


I wouldn't compare it to building a house from the ground up like the pioneers but it reminds me of how we can all do these things if we just take the time to read, learn, and take the time to do it right the first time.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Peeking Out

So sorry for the long delay between postings.
For those who don't know I'm due in August with our first baby!  Which means A LOT has been going on over in my neck of the woods.  I do have pictures to upload of the basement remodel progress as well as some other odds and ends of quilting projects :)
But as you can imagine blogging has been the last thing on my mind as we prepare for our new arrival in the next month and a half!

I can assure you though once we get my new sewing room done and things moved down there I will try my hardest to post picture of the nursery and all the other little things I've been meaning to do for a while.

Till then my Etsy shop will be on maternity leave from now until November 1st.  I'm seriously considering the fact that this may be my last season for personalized ornaments.  Mostly because I believe I've reached the peak of what I can physically produce and earn from my shop thru custom orders.  In other words even if I add new ornaments to the shop there are only so many hours in the day in which I can take and produce personalized ornaments.  Not to mention I am unable to wholesale my ornaments due to their being custom and personalized and it makes it nearly impossible to do any local craft shows.  So there could be some big changes happening with the shop as well.

There are also inklings of other shop ideas, ideas that involve more use of my sewing machine which I'm feeling more excited about each day.  Still doing the research and gauging the potential before I take the leap.  If it works out I may move away from the seasonal ornament business altogether.

As I've said before knowing when to let go and get out while you're ahead is the best business advice I've allowed myself to follow.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Fun Endeavour

About a month ago, I got a really fun opportunity to help out Betz White on one of her newest patterns: The Hex Messenger Bag.

You might remember these pictures from earlier posts:
Modern color

Secret quilting

I was really making this!

A Longer shot

Betz was really great to work with and let me tinker around with the pattern and offer up suggestions and improvements regarding the flow of the instructions and the ease of understanding them.  It was also a real treat to sew up something brand new that not many others had seen yet ^_^

Hex Messenger Bag by Betz White

This bag is really fun to make if you have lots of strips of fabric you need to use up.  I used a jellyroll in Moda's Domestic Bliss line.  The overall look of my first bag is different from Betz's in that I didn't flip my triangles around, but the look is still fun and funky.  I also added two fabric covered buttons to mine.

Hex Messenger Bag with buttons

This bag is very open to many different hexagon layouts and I wouldn't be surprised if she came out with some more hexie-inspired bags soon.  If you aren't sure about sewing lots of seams for hexes just yet she has a second version call the "The Prism" bag which is also included when you purchase the The Hex Messenger Bag. Yay!  So you can make two looks with one pattern!

A big thanks to Betz for taking my suggestions and my humor and for offering up the Prism design alongside the Hex Messenger Bag!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hush Time

Surprises with fangs

I may be a bit quiet for the next 2 weeks.  Between the basement remodel (we're getting ready to hang drywall now) and the baby classes, this month's priorities are starting to shift towards parenthood.

It's exciting and intimidating all at once.  So trust me I'm not ignoring the blog just "hiding" temporarily till I have more time to post and pictures of projects to share.

I do have 2 bits of news though: my baby rhubarb plant developed crown rot and died.  I've brushed up on my rhubarb knowledge since then and hope to try again next Spring.  And I've found and purchased the rest of the fabric for my sister-in-law's Stars and Banners quilt which is what I'll be wrestling thru the machine today.

Be well and do good work this week!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's May?!

I whispered that to myself getting up this morning.  It's not something I want to think about because we have so many things to do this month.  Namely getting the first two rooms in the basement done.

It's a start

Project Basement is well underway.  We've actually got both of our new rooms framed in and wired at this point (more pictures will follow) and insulation is standing by (itchy itchy).

After a few delays waiting for contractors to "do their thing" we have all of our new glass block windows in and all the foundation cracks situated.  And because I'm a planner and tight-fisted with money I made a Basement Project Budget.

The Future Man Cave Hobby Room
(The Future Man Cave Hobby Room)

And trust me I've been a Budget Scrooge when we go out to buy supplies.  I even went so far as to break down the cost of each individual thing prior to even setting foot in any home store (as much as we could think of we would need).  It's so broken down that I priced something as small as the price of drywall screws.  It's usually not the BIG stuff that will make you go over it's all the nickel and dime spending you do on supplies you forget you need.  But I'll admit I forgot to factor in the electric inspection cost and having to buy a GFI breaker.  Doh!

New Sewing Room
(New Sewing Room)

Those costs are in there now though.  You can blame my Dad for the budget breakdown.  He's been a Project Superintendent for various construction companies for well over 30 years.  While I know we may go overbudget just a tad I'm confident we'll be right on track once the drywall goes up and flooring goes down.

And what's even better anything that we have leftover doing these two rooms, like 2 x 4's, screws/nails, laminate flooring, etc, will be used up once we start roughing in the downstairs bathroom and family room.  So less stuff to buy for future projects!  Waste not, want not.

The main drive behind all this work is we HAVE to move my sewing room downstairs to make room for a nursery upstairs.  So we kind of have to get this done in a very timely manner and bless Chris for working so hard on getting everything done proper and to code.  It's not easy, but I'm proud he can do this stuff.

Monday, April 30, 2012

The Tiny Rhubarb

I love how dainty and tiny it is, but I'm worried. 
It's been pretty chilly here this April which is a HUGE reversal of what March's weather was like.  Even though I've combed thru garden posts and forum suggestions I'm still not sure if it's actually growing well or not.  I highly doubt the "below average" night time temps are really hurting it since it's a Spring plant, but since it's in its first year it needs the best odds possible.

Baby Rhubarb

Here's hoping that once the weather warms up and stays a bit more consistent it'll be okay and leaf out some more.  I still need to read up on it's growing cycle to make sure I'm not being paranoid, but if it stays that tiny all year I may build a little sunshade for it so it doesn't turn into fried rhubarb once the Summer hits.

p.s.  Peaches are starting to come into our markets and it's making me itchy to get started on my first year canning....

Friday, April 27, 2012

Project Fiona

While we can't really start on the nursery (Project Basement is in progress) you can bet I've been busy on other Fiona related stuff.  A few weeks ago I went a little crazy and bought a good bit of flannel and cotton to use for burp cloths.  I was kind of "meh" about the whole lack of fun and funky baby stuff.  There was no personality in anything I registered for even though most of it is needed.  I'm of the frame of mind that baby stuff doesn't ALL need to be utilitarian and bland.

So I decided to make what I wanted.  The bird picture is kinda crappy since it was taken at night, but that fabric is WAY cool in person.

First attempt

 I'm just oozing with cuteness over these because they came out so well.  They either have a cotton top or a flannel top, cotton batting in the middle and then a soft flannel backing.  They've also been lightly quilted to help catch all those lovely "accidents" she's bound to burp up in the future.

And all the rest

For the Urps

And some rectangular shaped ones from the odd bits I had leftover.

For the Burps

Believe it or not I ran out of batting AGAIN for the second time while working thru these.  While batting isn't entirely necessary I believe it helps prevent any leak thrus and makes them more absorbent than just using cotton and flannel alone.
Next step is to make matching bibs because apparently I have just enough fabric to do a few.

One of my sisters was so taken with these that she asked if I was selling them.  I really don't know if I will at this point because these are for Fi specifically, but it's possible ^_~

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Lovely Heart

Hope you find something you love to do today and take time to do it.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Earning Stripes

I have to put this Stars and Stripes quilt on hold till next month.
I've been desperately clinging to a quilting budget and April's allotment has run out so I have to wait till May to finish this one off.

Bunches of Stars and Stripes

It's so hard to wait though.  Once the red stripes were added on and the blocks ironed back out I was so pleased with it that now I'm aggravated that I can't just go and buy the rest of the fabric today. There's still backing to purchase and the top still needs a blue banner across it and then...then I can baste this project, quilt it a bit and bind it all up.

So close to being done and being able to give it away!

Friday, April 20, 2012

The Garden Blooms

If I had thought better of it I would've taken pictures of each stage my Spring bulbs have opened.  However, the daffodils did not seem to fair too well with the insanely warm March we had so they dwindled very quickly.


But the tulips are flourishing and thanks to some careful reading and a bit of planning I planted a few varieties that bloom in the later part of Spring and they are very long lasting apparently....

The Tulip Bed

as they've been opened since the end of March!


I'm very pleased with these and hope that I can squeak out at least 3 good years before they need replaced.  As any bulb gardener knows, tulips don't last unfortunately.

The peonies and daylilies are also coming along very well though I don't think either will bloom this year. It's good to see that the stock was good.  And my Siberian Irises that I divided last year are really taking off and ready to open soon.  If you ever wonder how perennials grow just remember this saying: The first year they sleep, the second year they creep, the third year they leap!

If gardening has taught me anything it's that plants will grow on their own time and no one else's.  Lots and lots of patience.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Remembering how to quilt

Secret quilting

I sometimes forget how to do a certain technique and it takes a bit of practice and several errors before I can get back into the swing of things.  Quilting is one of those, so is binding, but binding is another story.  I'm just happy to have such an updated sewing machine that all my thread tensions are lovely and just tight enough.  Definitely been getting more into machine sewing these days and the creativity is evolving tenfold.  The sketch book is filling up once more!

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Pregos

Over the weekend we were supposed to be down south helping at our annual kite fly event, but it got rained out.  Seems like it's rained out nearly every Saturday each year.  So here's a picture from last weekend when it was sunny and beautiful.

Prego: It's what's inside

My youngest sister Sarah snapped this picture of my other sister, Rachel (in stripes) and I (in pink) over Easter.  It makes me giggle.  We'd both refused to do a posed "belly shot" picture so Sarah snuck in and got one of us being pretty normal.

It makes me laugh.  I think non-posed pictures are the best.
Rachel is due July 9th and I'm due August 10th.
It's like dueling banjos only with babies.

Saturday, April 14, 2012


I've been playing around with jellyrolls in bright colors lately.  While I can't show you everything I'm making with this set just yet I can tell you I plan to at least make a small baby blanket out of the strips I have leftover.

Modern color

I also went a little crazy and have a few new yards of assorted flannels for burp cloths and bibs.  If you can't find what you want in a store try making it yourself!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sewing machine work out

With the weather oddly cooler this month than last I haven't been as tempted to cavort in my garden just yet.  Which is a good thing as my project list is growing steadily.

If you've read my Sewing Tips posts you'll have seen this wall hanging in various states of progress.  I've finally got the layout I want and now am nearing the final stages of completion!

Crystal's Stars & Banners quilt

This is just the general layout of the star blocks which all measure 8 1/2" square all around.  Something I'm VERY proud of because it's such a pain to get nicely squared blocks in the end.  There's still more to do on it.  There's red sashing that will go between the rows and along the sides.  Then if I can find what I'm looking for a navy blue bunting to go along the top.

While it may be hard to envision the finished product right now it's going to look lovely once everything is quilted and bound up.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Roundup

The funny thing about families is they grow.  They grow-up, grow old, grow bigger, grow smaller and eventually out-grow houses.  Such is the case with my Grandma's house.  I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters, we all either have children or are going to have children (very soon).  Then I have cousins and aunts and uncles who come over for the Holidays and my cousins are starting to have children of their own.

More eggs...

You get the idea.
Grandma's house is no longer a fun, cozy place when we all gather in one area, but we continue to do it.  Not sure when we'll have to move on to another house or find a bigger location, but it makes me realize how much can change in a year.

Benjamen Easter 2011 (my youngest sister's 1st)

Benjamin 2011

Benjamen Easter 2012

Benjamin 2012
(this kid makes me feel so much older because I only see him in person 2-3 times a year)

But overall Easter was nice despite the crowd ^_^  The weather couldn't have been better and all I can say is thank goodness people are still allowed to have large backyards.

Cheese for Peace

Uncle and Nephew

Big boys still hunt
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