Friday, April 29, 2011

Double Rainbow! (what does it mean)

Double Rainbow

Even though there's more rain forecasted for Sunday, even though there's been so much horrific weather in my area and down South, and life feels strangely hectic because there's nothing big going on.... I  think Mother Nature is giving us a much deserved break.

Double Rainbow Across the SKY!!

It's so good to see the blue of the sky again.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Where Have All the Dry Days Gone?

 Mr. Tumus and his flowers

I miss the sun.  My cats miss the sun, my lawn is growing like a crazed monster and because of the inclement weather pattern the rain barrel we've purchased is still sitting by the wayside not collecting an ounce of this valuable runoff.  Hopefully we can manage something on Sunday.  This week alone we've had approx. 3 inches of rain in my area with another 1-2inches expected tonight and tomorrow. I even shuddered at the 7 day forecast which, you guessed it, called for scattered thunderstorms up till next Thursday.

I don't mind all the rain, but it's been excessive this Spring.  Our Winter was already incredibly wet to begin with and the water tables are very full.  With the ground saturated we've actually had to deal with flash flooding around our area.  The Great Miami River flooded incredibly bad once in 1913 and all of downtown Dayton went underwater.  Because of that there are now 5 huge flood gates and dams build along it's path and tributaries to prevent flooding downstream.  Here's a brief wiki about it:  but even the dams are getting a historic workout with this constant deluge.

Still we live far enough away and our city is on a natural ridge above the valley that the only flooding we have to contend with is that of our basement and overworked sump pump :(   You could instead say a prayer for Texas who needs the rain more than us.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Things Are Gettin' Green

The flower beds out front are really putting on a good show this year, which is encouraging because it's taken quite a long time to get things planned out, put in place and started.  It's hard to think of Spring in the Fall and it's even more tiring planting all those bulbs and praying they all make it.  But after 4 years of nurturing our rather crappy and clay filled soil, everything looks really bright and cheerful and above all beautifully cute.

Pink Impression

Narcissus Marieke

Even the Irises that were separated last year and moved around seem to be coming back very well.  I've had a few rotters that didn't make the wet winter, but Irises are sometimes hard to keep going if you don't get them planted right the first time. And then it's just soft rot and fungus central....

Narcissus Tete-a-tete

If you think my planting is done, trust me it's not ^_^  I've got Trilliums to put out (in the bed that never grows), a new version of coralbell called Sweet Tea that's just going to be AMAZING once established and some cyclamen too.  Oh and my garlic and onions are sprouting thanks to the unseasonably warm weather.
There's alot to be excited about right now.

Monday, April 4, 2011

She's My Cherry Pie

Bet that song is stuck in your head now ^_~
In any case I've finally managed to have some sit down time and get back to sewing on some new ideas. It's funny how when you finally get the urge to create you can literally go for hours which is exactly what happened last night.  Was good to see that I still had the drive in myself after a few months of not feeling very productive.

Cherry Tart
(sneak peek at a new pincushion)

p.s. Flickr is telling me I'm nearing my mark of 200 pictures so looks like I'll have to upgrade soon.  At least then I can figure out how to organize everything into neat and tidy folders.

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