Monday, August 31, 2009


I’ve decided that when we have a second house we will have a big yard with lots of trees, but a sunny spot for garden, and a basement area for canning stuffs. And I’m going to have a garden and I’m going to can things. Delicious things. I will also have a sewing room that has lots of light and 3 kids....and maybe a hamster.

But 3 kids might be pushing it. I might be too old by then and my uterus might be tired and dusty or maybe both. You know because 30 something is "old" to be having kids and rough housing with them.


Saturday, August 29, 2009


It's Saturday and I'm here at the "9-5" doing my part to keep my job and hold down the workload but it's hard. I've got alot on my heart right now, especially with Aaron being so far away in Iraq.

Lisa over at Lilfishstudios made me a very special and personal gift to send to him.

Thankyou :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Birds Are Hoppin' These Days

Tumus strikes again, in the weeeee morning hours.

I do have another bird cut out I just need to sew it's little beaky-self together.

I've really been busy in crafty land despite the sad posts and the general angst that comes with wedding planning. Seriously, I'll take some photos tonight to prove it. Mostly just alot of template cutting and getting pieces cut out and ready for assembly. I need to go get alternate storage for my yarn collection too as it's just messy imo.

If I must have chaos I deem that it be organized chaos. But right now the sewing room is a mess and it's totally blocking my creativity which is weird because normally I'm fine.

I made some new "kick sticks" for the cats too which seem to amuse them. I don't have any catnip to add to them but they seem to like them well enough. I added fuzzy tails to them for more shredding fun.

I'm also thinking of adding a non-pet related personalization option to Tumus once the wedding is done and over with. I have a feeling that this Holiday season is going to put me to the test with two shops. I want to be ready, hence cutting the billion and one templates for pincushions and dogs alike.
In fact I already have another order of 5 personalized dogs to make once I reopen in October after the wedding. How hilarious is that??

I plan to do the centerpieces for the reception this weekend too before August is officially done and over with. Can you believe it's practically Fall? Good grief.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday Tea

Pu-erh tea, unlike any other tea, actually gets better with age. Made from either black or green tea leaves, pu-erh has an earthy, mellow flavor.

Honestly I've never even heard of this tea so I had to go look for more info about it. Most of the time a tea does not improve with age because teas rely on the remaining oil in the leaves (after the dehydration process) for flavor and strength. Tea doesn't always go "bad" but it will go stale as the oil will eventually completely dissipate leaving a rather bland taste if brewed.

I'm not sure HOW accurate the wiki article is but it's very interesting.

They say it's made in "bricks" which if you recall from earlier Tuesday Tea's, tea bricks were a common form of currency used in ancient Asia. These bricks haven't lost their value as some of the OLDEST of the Pu-erh teas have sold for thousands of dollars for just one!

I think I'll pass.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Repeat after me, I will not yell at the dog.

There's a neighbor who has a dog. I love dogs. I love dogs who are fun and spunky and smart and TRAINED.

Our one neighbor's dog is not trained, in fact it's needy. Needy to the point that they let it out at 10:30pm and 5:30AM religiously so it can go about it's doggie dooties (yes DOOTIES) before coming back in. Apparently it takes the dog 1 minute to complete it's task and then it's to the back door and bark, bark, bark,bark, bark, bark,bark, bark, bark,bark, bark, bark,bark, bark, bark,bark, bark, bark,bark, bark, bark,bark, bark, bark,bark, bark, bark,bark, bark, bark,bark, bark, bark,bark, bark, bark,bark, bark, bark,bark, bark, bark,bark, bark, bark,bark, bark, bark,bark, bark, bark,bark, bark, bark,bark, bark, bark,bark, bark, bark,bark, bark, bark,bark, bark, bark,bark, bark, bark, *PAUSE* bark, bark, bark,bark, bark, bark,bark, bark, bark,bark, bark, bark,bark, bark, bark,bark, bark, bark,bark, bark, bark,bark, bark, bark....oh HEY! they let him in.

This typically goes on for about 10-20 minutes before they let it back in. Now granted all dogs bark but this one is SO incessent about it I want to throw my shoe at it. How can you ignore a barking dog for 10-20 minutes?! Obviously the pup is starved for attention. Poor guy. He seems like he needs some more training and more things to occupy his time.

So to set off all the barking I bring you more Simon's Cat.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Real Tree Hugger

Last night I was exhausted and mentally tired. I had so much to do and not enough time or endurance to get it all done. Work, OT, Wedding, House cleaning, laundry, dishes, supper, Etsy.....I really REALLY wanted to work on Etsy. There was no way I could feel like I could relax. I was overwhelmed in every sense.
So I went out on the porch and cried for a bit. It was a slow kind of cry with giant crocodile tears. The kind that just fall right out of your eye without touching your cheeks. My knees were wet in no time.
I guess it sounds pitiful and lonely, but sometimes Chris doesn’t want to bother me when I’m like that even though all I want is a hug.

It was about 9pm. The humidity was gone. I stared at a tree across the road. I remembered climbing a ton of trees when I was younger, but there was always one tree that was my favorite. It had three branches that formed a cradle of sorts. I can remember taking old ropes and blankets up there and making a nest. lol. Sounds funny I suppose but last night I really wanted nothing more than to be back in that tree and off the ground.

I really wanted to be back in that tree because it was where I could be alone and miserable if I wanted to be and no one could bother me.

Sometimes you just don’t want to be told it’ll be okay because right then, it’s the lamest line in the entire world even if it’s true.

Friday, August 14, 2009


Tumus scored for the team this week also. Not a bad week in my opinion.

The tummy turmoil has died down and I'm looking forward to productively SLOW weekend. And I'd like to emphasize the word S-L-O-W. I'm talking I want to lounge, not wash the dishes, and sleep in a nest of blankets till 9am tomorrow. Chris is going to go have a guys night out so it'll just be me and the cats and probably wedding madness at some point.

I really don't like sleeping by myself at night. My entire life has been spent in the constant company of people so naturally I'm used to the feeling of a human "presence" in the house at all times. When it vanishes I feel extremely wary and skittish. I sleep with a light on or the TV on and even take the cats to bed for company though my allergies say I definitely shouldn't. I'm a chicken.

Speaking of chicken, the chicken in the oven should be about done.......eggcellent.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Getting there.
Geez this wedding stuff is hard business....and I think I had some not so fresh salad over at my future mother-in-law's house tonight...*urp*....blech.

I wish I could catch a break, but it's not going to happen. The "9-5" just cracked down a horrific schedule for the next two weeks. They want us to work between 13-15 hours of OT each week for the next 2 weeks.
Nevermind the fact they could save loads by hiring new employees and training them, never mind they're busting the budget by willing paying 45 employees time and a half for a total of 30 hours of OT per person. Nevermind any of it. It makes so much sense they've chosen to ignore it and push head long into the abyss of zombie employees.

I've already decided in my head that I will only be doing 30 min. each day extra. My tiny body can not withstand any more stress at that place. That OT total includes two mandatory Saturdays at 8 hrs each which I can't evade no matter what. It makes my stomach gurgle just thinking about it.

Bad salad + stress + wedding overdosing = one very uncomfortable girl.

I think if I can weasel out of an hour each day to only doing 30 min. not many will notice.

It's for my own good and if they are too selfish to realize that, I fear I may have to seriously quit my job before the wedding which would not be a good at all. I'm sorry but my health and mental well-being are WAY more important.

This has prompted me to take down all custom work listings in both Pinpinn and Tumus till AFTER the wedding.

I need to start practicing meditation, if anything for the simple act of remembering to breathe.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I see you cat.

Don't try to hide around the corner or sneak under my chair. I know you're there. Sneaky McFurbutts.

And while you've all been busy I've been sneaking in some sewing at work, shhhhh. I should have at least 5 completely done by this afternoon which will leave the 6th one just to be sewn together when I get home and then numbers 7 & 8 cut and embroidered. Actually I'm going to cut number 7 right now. Promise.

In all honestly I blame the wedding madness. Is it wrong to blame the madness? I wish today were still Sunday. Sunday didn't seem to slip thru my fingers like Saturday and Monday. Tuesday......well it was just Tuesday.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday Tea + Awesome

Pinpinn scored another FP last night, unbeknownst to me as I was busy working on my large dog ornament order for Tumus which, by the way, is definitely progressing and about 75% done.

It still gives me a feeling of absolute gratitude and joy at having both my shops picked and featured on the front page and in gift guides with good frequency. It's like my hard work is FINALLY paying off. All that gripping and struggling over pictures and practicing over and over, plus refining designs, stitching and new ideas. It's all right there. In one brief moment of unabashed, free promotion.

Now to celebrate I'll have a cup of tea:

Did you know that a cup of black tea contains more caffeine than any other types of teas, but still contains about half the caffeine of coffee?

I'd like to think of tea as a "gentle" wake up call....this morning, however, called for coffee.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

All the Funnies

I posted this up on another blog, but thought some people here might get a kick out of this.

Also I STILL have not ordered felt. HAHAHA! CRAZY! I did eat lasagna though lol and I did stay inside and work on orders, but the felt got pushed back. Even now it's like 7pm and I just got home from work (that's like a 12 hr day *dies*) and am eating in front of the PC, digging thru wedding stuffs and I realized I need to get a friggin' officiant!
What the crow? I mean of ALL things to procrastinate on. I'm SO glad i'm only getting married once because all this planning for one day is just overkill.

Well at least mom is coming over on Saturday to help keep me sane and start addressing envelopes.

I may for the sake of my sanity temporarily close Tumus and Pinpinnalmost 3 weeks out before the wedding and keep it closed till 2 weeks after. That's about a month and a week. Not horrid, but ideal and hopefully understandable.

Now if you'll pardon me I have some pizza to nom on and felt to hopefully order.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's Not Exactly Tea

But hey it's something! I had a rush of orders last night over on Pinpinn which was all very exciting till I took serious stock of my felt supply and realized alot of my "basics" are either gone or REALLY low.

Crap! I don't want to put in a rush order and I love to browse my particular store for felty goodness but this for one reason or another sent me into a bit of a crisis mode. I really would love to order one of every single color, but it's hard enough to keep track of the shades I have sometimes (without referring to my spreadsheet) especially once I start working with a sheet of felt and it gets moved to different spots on my craft table. My felt organization leaves something to be desired. I really should look into an open drawer system as I can't be bothered to put away a piece of felt that I "might" just happen to need. You know how it is.
There for a while I was determined to use up exactly what I had in stock and I've done really well at doing just that......maybe too well because now I'm flat out of black. That's like a staple!

But as it's pouring buckets here and I'm debating on how wet I want to get going to the gym tonight I think it's safe to assume that I'll be staying inside, making lasagna and working on those 8 dog ornaments instead.

Oh and ordering felt of course.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


There. The main invites are all done and God willing I won't have to make any more and I'll have leftovers.

We got back from Dublin earlier this afternoon. It was a good time minus the fact that I had some bad fish and chips which later came back to haunt me after numerous beverages were consumed. I was not a happy camper. Needless to say I only slept about 2 hours last night. Even so I was still determined to finish the last 20 invites I had sitting around ready to string with ribbon. Then I took a 3 hour nap :lol: Everything else from this point out should be cake! Nothing but printing, cutting and stuffing envelopes.

Back in Dublin I managed to find the vendor who sold Jammie Dodgers and picked up a few packs as a treat to myself. Also found a Christmas present for my dad, a t-shirt for myself which says "Tis a fine cup o' tay", and a new Guinness sign for the kitchen.

Tomorrow it's back to the "9-5", bills and grocery shopping.
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