Friday, July 27, 2012


The cutest bank...ever

Fiona's nursery is nearly done.  We strive to always finish what we start project-wise, but it's just that being 9 months pregnant has really slowed my pace down. And considering I can't lift much anymore due to an ever present "belly" I feel kind of useless and bored.  Even helping Chris finish out his man cave has been exhausting for me.  But this nursery will be done by the time she gets here, gut feeling.  I'm entirely grateful to my mom and hubby for helping get all the big stuff (like painting and furniture assembly) done and out of the way.

It was SO NICE being able to finally organize, get clothes washed and folded and in their proper place instead of having it lumped into gift bags in the closet.

The crib

I was even able to get the majority of the decals on in one day.

We searched

Love Mae branches

There's Fiona's finished embroidery hoop name.  I used those awesome 3M Command hooks in clear with clear adhesive to hang the hoops off of the branches.  I kind of want more branches to make an actual tree but for now these are perfect ^_^

A mouse with mushrooms

There are a few things left to hang on the walls and of course getting the curtains done and a rug found.  The rug is really the least of my concerns at the moment, but it would be a nice finishing touch.  It's getting closer and while I'm not really tired, uncomfortable or annoyed with being pregnant (despite this constant summer drought/heat wave) it will be a wonderful thing to be able to bend over and touch my toes like a normal person again.

I think toe touching is underrated in today's society.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Coming together!

Things are finally getting finished in the basement and nursery...and none too soon. These pictures are bit "old" as we finished the flooring and wiring of the outlets about 3 weeks ago.  In fact I'm even working in the new sewing room finishing curtains for the nursery.

Final flooring


The laminate went down sorta quick, but the directions lied.  We still had to improvise and hammer each joint in to make sure they locked properly before moving to the next row.  It was not a "one person" job especially in the beginning, but slow and steady wins the race.


The major stuff is done, minus the drop ceiling we plan to install a bit later this year with new lighting, base molding around the floor edge and the windows being framed out.  We just needed to finish it enough to move everything around.  Hooray for goals being met!  Chris' man cave is still a WIP (work in progress) though.  We're still, rather HE is still working on getting his final top coat of drywall mud on.  I hope he can manage to get that done and sanded before the baby arrives.  The finishing coat of drywall mud is always the most annoying stage imo but once you get past that it's a cake walk to paint, floor and wire the rest of the room.

Keep your fingers crossed he feels motivated this week!  I need to take a few shots of the new room even though it's a bit in shambles with things still in boxes and tubs.  I was able to keep the same layout for my tables.  I hope to get a closet and a few other storage odds and ends in a few months once things settle back down.
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