Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Plastic Paradise

Yesterday was grocery shopping day. We've wrangled a nice collection of those cloth market bags that seem to be springing up everywhere. They're incredibly nice when you have a lot to carry. Not only do they hold much more than the average plastic bag, but they're strong and way more durable.Walking thru the store picking up my usual items I realized that everything I looked at was in some way covered in plastic. I felt kind of sad. I mean there's a plastic landmass in the Pacific Ocean and here I am buying plastic merchandise. I stood there and thought for a second. Well I can't eliminate ALL the plastic I consume, but I can control it at least.So with that in mind I opted to keep my bananas out of the flimsy produce bag. I bought applesause in a glass jar instead of in the snack packs, which was remarkably CHEAPER by 50 cents! I found juice in a glass bottle (same brand & flavor) for the same price as a plastic one.Unfortunately I realized that all this "concious" avoidance of plastic was taking up time. I also realized that wouldn't be able to avoid EVERYTHING plastic. I don't think anyone can these days. My total bill was about equal to what I've already been spending so avoiding the stuff certainly didn't seem to impact my wallet.It's not possible to eliminate it right now, at least not for me. I know you can always recycle it, but glass seems to be a better option than promoting the plastic industry recycled or not.I do have some fabulous friends over at Etsy who are making it a little easier to take the "P" out of my life. :lol:fabric sandwhich bags & wraps: http://www.gnomeclothes.etsy.com/produce bags: http://www.kootsac.etsy.com/ and http://www.amkdesigns.etsy.com/My next step is to find out if buying fresh cut meat from my local meat shop will not be wrapped in plastic but instead in butcher paper where I can take it home and foil it instead. I don't know if this will work, but I'm stepping it up. Plus I'll be supporting the local industry ^_^

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