Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sore Hands

I'm not sure what's been going on with my right hand in the last year but it's seriously starting to feel stiff and a bit swollen. I'm only 28 so it's hard to consider that it could be arthritis. It runs in my family and my grandma said that they diagnosed her around 38 for it.Well poot. I don't want it that's for sure. My doc thinks it's just tendonitis which i could also see, but I can't really tell. All i know is that it hurts after a loooong day at the computer. (Yeah and here I am typing this up lol!) So working 8 normal hours then OT is probably aggravating the whole thing. I've been self medicating with Advil and cold/hot therapy when I can. I'm tempted to try the Willow Bark tea, but haven't been able to get over to the natural food store.Despite all of this I've forced myself to be productive and when my hand hurts too much to sew or grip a small needle, I cut things out. So today I made a new pattern, cut out more sweater hearts, and thought of another pattern I'd like to try with my more colorful felt ^_^ Trust me it will be cute.I'd like to tell myself that my "flare ups" would die down if I didn't do data entry as a full-time job, but maybe that's just a longing to sell my craft full-time and to not be sitting at a desk for hours.*Looks longingly outside the window* The trees are very very pretty today. It's finally cooled down enough to make it feel crisp and clean. Pretty soon all that color will be swept away and winter will fall soft and cold.

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