Monday, November 17, 2008

We All Start From Zilch

It's Monday. Oh Monday, why do you plague mankind with your presence? Why? All joking aside I'm pretty proud at how organzied I'm getting with my orders and how I see a system forming. It's becoming easier for me to create my dog ornaments and make up patterns. I have a system to laying things out and cutting them, sewing it all together and packaging. It's great to see it happening!A friend of mine on the forums has been taking some time to consider a new line of work, on Etsy still, but a new direction for her shop. Over the course of the week she's been getting a bit more nervous and unsure about how to go about it or if she'll be successful. I had to remind her that we all start from zilch, zip, zero, nada. Most of us come from crafting hobbies in hopes of fulfilling that itch to be a "real paid artist".Take time and think about it. If you're successful then what does that mean to you? The moment you start thinking "you've made it" you will fall. You can't just stop when you reach the top. No! You must keep going and reinventing and creating and setting new goals!Success is relavent to each individual. Just because one person has 10,000 sales does not mean they think of themselves as successful. Everyone starts from the pile of ashes. You can be a phoenix if you want, but only if you truly want it.

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