Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Cup of T

My tea was unusually good this morning. I didn't do anything differently, but it tasted very nice. Maybe it was because I'm so tired that anything hot and comforting felt good.

Christmas is coming along well. Things are winding down at Tumus for the holiday season. I'm glad the rush is over and my sewing hand can recouperate better :) I've got several project planned to work on over my Holiday break and sooo many photos to take and finish off.

I also have a long overdue addition to my Foto Friday for tomorrow if I can get it uploaded tonight. My photography's been on hiatus since I've been sewing so much. And with Christmas and baking it just doesn't seem like there's any time left other than to sleep. I don't care what people say, oh you can sleep when you die, pffff, I need my sleep or I'm a cranky girl.
I plan on taking Chris down to another park after Christmas to get some pictures of wildlife and such. I miss the woods. I don't mind the quiet suburban neighborhood we live in but sometimes I wish I could be surrounded by the calm peace of trees, animals and earth. I think I'm becoming allergic to pavement these days :lol:

I'll be wrapping presents when I get home from work and finally relaxing. I only have to work 2 days next week and then I'm on vacation! Tea and napping for all ^_^

Enjoy some tea themed fun:
Teapot Clock
Tea Cards
The Cup That Cheers

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