Monday, January 26, 2009

Conflicts of Interest

I'll admit I'm getting a bit bored with Tumus' line-up. I can't seem to get a definite theme going. It's not like I'm exclusively felt items or seasonal fare. I don't carry JUST one specific pet item, though I love them. I've got this bizzare ecclectic shop of things that I love to make, but can't seem to find a market for.

Since I've been on Etsy for almost a full year I think it's about time to take my shop in a new direction. I'd like to do more creative sewing. I kind of feel like I limited myself with my current line-up so I think I'm going to have a small sale and see if I can't wipe my remaining inventory and start fresh. If that sounds like a big step, it is. There's no way I can guarantee that my new interest will even have a good customer base despite my research for the past few weeks.

I can tell you that I'll still be working mostly with felt. I'm working on my hand sewing skills ALOT and trying to get better at my embroidery. And that I'll be including more machine stitched finery. It'll all be in keeping with the same sense of humor everyone's come to expect, but I'd like to refine it a bit. Time to grow-up some and see what I can really do.

I like looking at all the "old timers" and going back to their very first few sales and then clicking thru a couple of pages. I think it's an encouragement to see how everyone started off unsure of what the heck to sell or how to make it. Then you get to the middle of their sold section and notice a change in the quality of an item and design changes all this tweaking to get one product right. To see where they started and where they are today is kind of like a trip down ol' memory lane.

So if they can do it, why can't I?

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