Monday, January 5, 2009

It's the First Week

I'll have my one year Etsy-versary in May. And there are alot of goals I hope to accomplish. Some lofty and some just so-so. One of them I can say came straight from Lupin's Blog. I'm going to try and craft 365 days this year. It's going to be incredibly challenging as some of you may or may not know I'm getting married in October.
So to say I'd like to be crafting 365 days probably isn't the wisest of resolutions , but heck if I'm not going to at least TRY! I think I might refine it a bit to say I will be crafting when I can and working on Tumus when I can't and hopefully this way the 365 days will eventually get covered.

You can't count 2 weeks for my wedding though! Those are mine and my boy's days and even craftiness can't take that away ^_^

I'm a bit afraid to write out my hopeful goals. This seems to be a jam packed year with the wedding starting to take over my spare time. But here are the few I'd like to share:

- Keep a presence in the forums, but less time on Etsy (does that make sense lol)
- Craft 365 when possible
- Learn my Nikon better
- Upload to Flickr more consistently
- Recycle more and learn to work with what I already have (buy less supplies)

That's the jist of it ^_^ Hope you have some good ones too!


Bella said...

Haha, you're being ambitious!! That's a good goal though, I'd like to make at least one thing a day this year - although I think you are perfectly entitled to take off a couple of weeks if you're getting married!!

Tumus said...

Oh my goodness I know! Thanks for taking time to read up on my adventures ^_~

If you can't dream big sometimes.......

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