Saturday, February 7, 2009

Can Has!

This weekend has brought a rather difficult situation to an end. I finally have another car. HOORAY! We found it today after searching nearly 20 car lots and testing driving a whole slew of vehicles. I ended up with a "pre-loved" candy apple red 2006 Mazda3 sports edition. It goes "Zoom Zoom" and is the the newest car I've ever owned. Not only that, but we were able to talk them down from the original listed price and got a ridiculously low fixed rate. Woo WOO!! It will suck having a car payment again, but that is a small pain compared to NOT having a car.

All aboard the awesome train! ^_^

Now that that burden has been lifted and settled I can once more get back to crafting away at my pincushions for PinPinn and moving Tumus back to a mostly animal store.

And somewhere in all that madness I managed to finish sorting my newest intake of embroidery thread. Now they must all be wrapped and stored.

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