Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Inside Out

A departure from all the sewing! A true life posting ^_^

As my wedding approaches I've been upping the ante on my fruit intake and watching what I eat a bit more (though bad habits are hard to break eh?) and have been researching fruits and veggies alike.
I'm visiting the skin doc this week to get the general low down on how to take better care of my skin, especially my face. It's not the easiest thing to talk about because I'm self-conscious about it. It's not like I've got BAD issues, but it bothers me that no matter what products I use I just can't seem to truly keep all my little breakouts away. For good.

In all my reading I've done and all the fruits I've eaten here are the ones I enjoy the best and what they can do for you:

Blueberries - superfruit in and of itself. Loaded with antioxidants these little blues can even fight free radicals from sun damage and control inflammation (sore joints rejoice!)

Oranges - no joke they can help with allergies. That alone should be good news this spring season. The vitamin C that stimulates your immune system can actually alleviate symptoms and help prevent triggers from setting off that sneezing fit. Since allergies are basically your immune system in overdrive vitamin C can help keep your body feeling up for the fight.

Tomatoes - Not everyone likes them, but believe it or not the acid in tomatoes can help control acne when used as a facial mask. It's biggest perk is lycopene which can protect your skin against sun damage.

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