Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Feel Absurdly Busy

I really do. I'm not even sure the word absurd is quite right, but I feel like I've been running every which way but up. I should check my shoes to make sure smoke isn't rising......
Believe it or not I DO have 2 new pincushions to list on Pinpinn but I've been bent on finishing these cats I've had cut out for Tumus and giving them all names. I was finally struck by the name bug and have come up with some amusing combos.
These cats will be sold as sets. Something which I've only offered once because, well sometimes you just never know how well people will love them.

There's Kit & Kat, they're chocolate brown cats with orange eyes and have 3 layered hearts sewn onto their tummies. Pretty cute and the look delicious. I love KitKats (for those who might not know, KitKats are delicious wafer bars covered in layers of milk chocolate)

Then there's Smokey & Bandit, obviously named after one of my classic favorite movies "Smokey and the Bandit" starring Burt Reynolds and Sally Field. It's just funny nonsense really....oh and beer of course. These are two smokey grey colored cats, one with green eyes and I haven't quite decided on the other color of eyes for the Bandit one, but I can do that tomorrow ^_^

I'm really happy with how they're turning out so far. I've even got a white cat done and named her Chloe.

Sometimes it's not a matter of running out of things to make or do, but finding time to photography them all lol.

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