Friday, April 3, 2009

I Kind of Want an Indoor Plant

Specifically a succulent. I don't know why I've suddenly got this itch to have one, but I want one. I think I'd keep it in my sewing room on the window sill (which is currently being used as a spare shelf and should be cleaned off....note to self). I can't keep it in the kitchen though I'd really like to. Guinness has taken a liking to jumping up on the counters and watching the birds at the suet feeder that's just outside our kitchen window.
I'm afraid he'd "nom" on it and I'm sure succulents are not the best thing for cats to eat.

I really like the succulents that are in vintage pots.
There's several over at monkeysalwayslook. She has several that I want includingitty bitty ones. I've also been eyeballing the African Violets at our local hardware store, but I'd much rather have an orchid.

I kind of also want a cactus. You know if I move my crafting studio into the basement (as is the plan in the future) I will have to find another place for these plants to sit and be happy. I'm sure a cat would not want to eat a cactus and maybe by that time Guinness will have stopped jumping up on the counters anyways.

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Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

I love succulents! We have a set of hen and chicks that has weathered two MN winters now. Hardly little souls. They're so perky!

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