Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Ick

It's interesting when you get sick from stress. At first you feel just run down and wore out. Then you might get a nagging dry cough and a bit of sinus headache, then finally it just beats you down until you've managed to work yourself so far under the covers that coming out seems like a really bad idea.

I'm there today. What do you do when you're sick, especially if you've quit your day "9-5" job and work strictly as an artist from home? Do you close up your shop with a little note? Do you simply work thru it by sewing in bed or cutting out fabric in front of the TV? or do you try and sleep it off hoping that tomorrow will be better?

If I had a choice I'd more than likely work thru it, but at a slow pace. Kind of like a sew, eat, sleep pattern for a few hours.

It's been very hard this week to make time for Tumus and Pinpinn and it all started Saturday. I went to go get some odds and ends to start making our wedding invitations. I forced myself to sit down for a few hours and measure out scrapbook paper and figure out invitation wording. It was productive but felt like it took too long. I'm glad I did it and now that all "parties" of parents and fiance alike agree on the look of it I can actually get around to making them in quantities. Hooray! Then Easter hit on Sunday and I think that's about when the general feeling of "ick" started in. Monday didn't feel much better, Tuesday was so-so, yesterday was definitely declining and now today I'm half dead. Go me.
Doesn't help that all we've done since Easter Sunday is run around visiting family and friends. Monday we were gone all evening (one hour of sewing done), Tuesday visiting family (one hour of sewing done), Wednesday was the same as Tuesday.
I'm SO glad that TODAY despite feeling like poo I don't have to go anywhere and I can sit and work in peace once I get home.

It's aggravating when you can't make time to do your fun job and then you get sick :(


Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

Awww, sorry you have the icks. That is noooo fun. When I'm sick, I work through it but with a bunch of little kids at home, I don't really have a choice. If I could, I would hunker down in bed and only emerge for tissues and water. Feel better soon!

Tumus said...

Thanks Lil Fish ^_^ You're a trooper yourself handling all your kids. Mom's are built of awesome and sugar :lol:

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