Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's Been A Long Weekend

BUT a productive one. I successfully finished one project each night. Though my pile of felt cats are still standing idly by waiting to be named and stuffed :( I feel a bit guilty as I'm sure those who keep tabs on Tumus are waiting for new additions each week. Funny how no one REALLY tells you how challenging it is to balance work, family and well a second job :lol: Still even though I admit I broke my own promise of finishing those kitties I WILL (and I mean it this time) finish at least 3 of them by Friday.

In case you WERE wondering what I've been up to Pinpinn's going to have 2 new additions this week. Here's Clyde.

and Tumus will have 2 new birdies flying in tomorrow and Wednesday.

Hope that's enough to tide you over. Pattern development on these things has been wicked tough :( Lots of trial and error and unfortunately a few lots causes that couldn't be salvaged....well at least they'll end up being stuffing bits ^_^

1 comment:

Cathy from said...

Your bird is SO adorable! I just love the beak...cUte.

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