Friday, May 15, 2009

The Long Goodbye

I love irises, but I feel a bit sad when I see them first start to form buds. I know that they'll fade in barely 3 weeks. Doesn't seem like a long time at all. This was taken of my Siberian Irises that bloom late spring. They'll fade out before the real heat sets in but they are SO pretty when they all get going ^_^ and they're BIG too. About 5 inches across and 8 inches or more tall. I need to divide them up this year as they're getting crowded. Was thinking about putting some in the backyard. Even the green beans, corn, and tomatoes are sprouting along. I've got mid-sized strawberries and blooms on my pepper plants too. Sometimes it just feels like the year seasons fly by.

In any case, apologies all around for my absence on the blog. Been working alot on Pinpinn and Tumus respectively. I'm still wondering what to do with Tumus. I really do feel my heart is more in it with Pinpinn. Still I guess I'll find out what I'm made of if I can mettle thru and persevere, no?

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