Monday, May 4, 2009

Pinpinn's To Do List

I have so many ideas I need to get down and stitched up. I have some of it cut out and some of it's still wandering the depths of my brain. So here's what I've got coming up. You'll definitely want to hang around for as they will be listed this week and next.

Pinpinn's List

- Fruit Emery slices (lemon. orange. lime)

- Lime pincushion

- Golden pears pincushion (I'm aiming for 2 right now)

- Green pears pincushion (2)

- another edition to the Flower section (hopefully 2 varieties)

- Halfies (these are a new concept, so I don't want to peep too much because I think they'll be pretty cool, but they're still in the trial stage)

That's pretty ambitious, I'll admit. I'm unabashedly working OT this week at my "9-5'er" so there's no telling when these things will pop up but I have 2 ready to be photographed and listed early this week. Woot!

Got an idea or suggestion? Want something more custom, just leave word here, on pinpinn, or email (

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