Monday, June 8, 2009

A fairly successful weekend, woot!

The wedding reality is sinking in a bit more now. While I'm not panicked (yet LOL) I feel a bit more stress as final details are still getting ironed out. So once again I put myself to work this weekend on getting invitations made (I have to make 150). This will definitely be an ongoing process this coming weekend as I need to get all the main invites done and then work on the response cards and find envelopes for them as well.
Deadline for these is August. Should be able to get that situated without much ado.

I managed to get one new pincushion done for Pinpinn and decided to give ye olde ArtFire a go with some of Tumus' items over there. I want to see if the traffic equals the same amount and if I can sell more there since there are NO listing fees, just a flat rate subscription which I must admit is more affordable than Etsy at the moment. We'll see. I'm going to sink about 2 months into it and if doesn't work out I'll pull it and move back to Etsy.

I've splurged a bit and decided to advertise on CraftCult! Woo HOO! This is pretty big for me as it's my first legit advertising splurge and I've been really looking forward to it. I'm very eager to see how much traffic it drives over to the shop. BUT that means I need to get more items out there!! EEP! Pinpinn also managed to get an alternate on one of Sunday's FP on Etsy AND a shout out in a Storque Article in the mini treasury there. Hooray for promotion ^_^

I've had some pretty odd pincushion designs floating around in my head as well as a few basic ones. We'll see how soon they end up coming to life. I'll be sketching at my desk this afternoon working out details as I while away the day.

Sometimes it's like the weekend never existed for me.

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