Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Riding A Tsunami Or At Least That's What It Feels Like

My push to get my name or rather Pinpinn's name out there is proving successful. Like ridiculously successful. But I know all too well that even though front page success comes hard earned and hard fought it doesn't always lead to a sale.

That's okay though. Here's where my new advertising push comes in. It's started yesterday and already my stats are showing a nice steady rise in views and I'm feeling more driven by all the interest I've sparked. I've hit the nail apparently and am just astounded that it keeps coming. I never believed in self-marketing until now. I mean for real. It really works. For my inital investment it's just paving the way to marvelous things!

I've also been super busy with getting few more orange and pear pincushions made and getting more wedding invitations cut out. AHH my poor hand! Silly OT here at the "9-5" job is also killing any Etsy time I might have at the end of the day. Somewhere in there I'll find sleep, Chris, and maybe finish the laundry.

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