Monday, June 22, 2009

Sometimes....It Really IS That Funny

Sing the jingle for more hilarity. For the record that is not my cat. It's one of the many LOLCats found on
Some mornings are alot like this. You win some, you loose some. Right now the wedding invitations are totally winning all my free time and this makes me sad. I do plan on trying to take at least the next 3 days to diligently plot out 3 more cushions, sew them AND take pictures. But wedding invitations are SLIGHTLY more pressing at the moment.

It's been on the drawing board about what to do with Tumus. I've been pondering it quite hard the last few weeks as a friends on Etsy and IRL can tell you. There may come a point where you have to cut your losses and go with something new. The "new" Tumus has been running circles around in my head, how do I transition, SHOULD I transition or just do a clean cut, will this be a good business move, what on earth do I do with all that inventory? The last part is especially baffling because, not to whine and moan about it, but my beloved bunnies and cats just have not hit like I was convinced they would. This depresses me greatly. I have decided that Tumus will move towards a more seasonal and slightly "primitive" genre.

Not to worry though! The dog ornaments that so many loved last Holiday will still be available thru Tumus with a few more breeds added into the mix :)

Where does the day go?
Did everyone have a good Father's Day?

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