Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stormy Midwest

I have a love hate of thunderstorms and a bizzare fear of tornadoes. Though I've never personally been in one I can say I've had some VERY close calls with them and I've witnessed first hand the damage to my house, our neighbor's houses and my community. Still I'm fascinated by the weather. I want to find these storms and document them and study them. I want to know why they happen and how I can become more aware and help others read the sky.

Here you can see how strong the upper levels were when this storm rolled thru. Look at how it's shearing off the top to create that classic anvil look. This was a hail producing storm over Dayton about 2 weeks ago.

You can see it rolling in on itself here. I believe there might have been a possible
tornado warning with this one but no damage other than the hail and wind were reported.

And somehow my pepper plant survived it all.

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