Sunday, July 5, 2009

Aaron's Doing A-okay

He's the one on the right, yep that's my bro. Doesn't look like he's sweating his butt off too much :lol: They have to stay in full gear all day, well night actually as that's when he'll be running his missions. Thankfully it's a bit cooler and oddly enough "safer" to do their stuff at night.

Hang in there bud, you'll be home in 353 days :) Love you.


Anonymous said...

Not sure where he is...but I have a nephew, Kalan, in Iraq who's sweating too. He'll be home in September, HURRAY!!

Tumus said...

He's in Kuwait right now, but he'll be running convoy missions so he'll be all over the country from what we are allowed to know.

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