Sunday, July 26, 2009

It's All Good

2 months and counting and all I wanted to do is sleep and forget that I still have last minute details to iron out. You'd think the wedding invitations would be done and they mostly are, but I have to make an additional 20 and get the new, revised address list from Chris' mom (if she's actually done it). I also have to rearrange the RSVP card wording to fit another line of text on there.

And sometime today I have to get to the grocery to get a few odds and ends, trash bags and pack up a few custom orders from late last week. And unfortunately my arm is being twisted to work OT at the "9-5" this week.
This means that the shops will more than likely not be updated for the next week or more. I apologize, but the closer the wedding gets the less time I'll have to get out the new designs.

I want to pull my hair out because it seems like time wants to fly by while I sit here wondering how last month seemingly vaporized. At this point I can't wait to get the wedding done and over with :lol:

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

If we could send you a big box of extra time we would! Hang in there, it will all work out if you just go with the flow.

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