Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Small Goal Set

I'm not sure why I feel the need to make lists, but I do it constantly. Even if I don't write it down on paper you can trust I have a mental list complete with check boxes. Grocery lists, weddings lists, registry lists, Etsy lists, email lists, errand list, general "what are we doing this week" lists.

I mean how the heck do you detox from a List addiction? I'd have to make a list of how to do it.....omg help.
But I think I do it because I'm so afraid of forgetting. And as Chris can tell you I hate, HATE forgetting about stuff.

Seeing as it's kind of fully July now :lol: I decided it's time to do a list for Etsy again. They're small but goals don't have to be lofty all the time. I mean if they were so huge you'd feel overwhelmed ALL THE TIME. For me small is best. That way I can have a tiny bit of happy every day or at least a mental "high five".

The Tumus List

- Get 25 items listed in the shop by the end of the month
- call the Vet office to ask about advertising the ornaments

The Pinpinn List

- Get 30 items consistently listed in shop by end of the month
- Seek out seasonal advertising with Lu.

see small goals, but always steps going forward. You want to know my ULTIMATE goal? Well aside from selling at a craft show :lol: It would be for Pinpinn to become a featured seller in the next year. I think it's got a really good shot. It's like a lottery ticket for me ^_^

Wedding List

- figure out what the heck to do with the future in-law's
- cope with divorced parents on Chris' side
- keep calm and carry on like a headless chicken.

no really it's a sign I saw on Etsy, but now of course I can't find it to show you so you'll just have to be content with the fact that it did at one time, exist.

Anyone else wicked tired today?

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