Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Birds Are Hoppin' These Days

Tumus strikes again, in the weeeee morning hours.

I do have another bird cut out I just need to sew it's little beaky-self together.

I've really been busy in crafty land despite the sad posts and the general angst that comes with wedding planning. Seriously, I'll take some photos tonight to prove it. Mostly just alot of template cutting and getting pieces cut out and ready for assembly. I need to go get alternate storage for my yarn collection too as it's just messy imo.

If I must have chaos I deem that it be organized chaos. But right now the sewing room is a mess and it's totally blocking my creativity which is weird because normally I'm fine.

I made some new "kick sticks" for the cats too which seem to amuse them. I don't have any catnip to add to them but they seem to like them well enough. I added fuzzy tails to them for more shredding fun.

I'm also thinking of adding a non-pet related personalization option to Tumus once the wedding is done and over with. I have a feeling that this Holiday season is going to put me to the test with two shops. I want to be ready, hence cutting the billion and one templates for pincushions and dogs alike.
In fact I already have another order of 5 personalized dogs to make once I reopen in October after the wedding. How hilarious is that??

I plan to do the centerpieces for the reception this weekend too before August is officially done and over with. Can you believe it's practically Fall? Good grief.

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