Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thank You Notes

Well, that's that.

It rained. Then it rained some more on the honeymoon. It wasn't perfect in fact there was an incident prior to the ceremony that I didn't find out about till this past Sunday. It involved one of the servers spilling a pan of chicken an hour before the reception and getting Sterno all over his pants thus igniting them (funny but not). So our lovely caterer Renee had to make a mad dash to the ER, swing back by her restaurant to get more chicken to prepare and cook, and sprint back to the reception.

And you know what. I totally didn't know anything was going on. Why? Because my mom is awesome and got the Barn decorated and laid out and somehow still had time to get ready.

It was a fun day, it went by way to fast and good ol' Aunt Flo had to stop by in the middle of the reception which caused me to be absent from it for like 30 min :( I was really bummed about that. I also almost threw up when Chris fed me the cake because I was feeling so ill. I can look back on it and laugh because it's fun memories now, but at that time all I was thinking was, Oh God please don't let me barf.
I cried for an hour the following day mostly from relief and from feeling like I totally missed my own wedding. Ah guilt.

But I don't look too sick here ^_^

I can put on a brave face when I have to.....or a nonchalant, careless pose in a doorway lol.

I'm glad it's over and everyone had a blast even if it rained. Now I have the joy of nesting in my own home with new flatware and a boatload of thankyou cards to write.
My hand will never recoup at this point.

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Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

Look at you, you gorgeous thing! All nonchalant and bride-ish. :D

Congratulations to you and your lucky husband, and the best to both of you.

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