Thursday, November 26, 2009


Well kind of lol.

Remember these? The Great Mouse Rolls of Thanksgiving 2008?

Well they didn't make it into the batch this year, but I did get to break in my lovely new mixer. If ever there were a time to initiate an appliance, Thanksgiving would be the pinnacle of hazing for all new mixers.
Making overnight rolls requires that copious amount of flour be dusted on all manner of objects, including me. But Kitchen Aid thankfully foresaw this "doom" and provided me with a flour shield. Thus my kitchen was spared, er, mostly.

This mixer is seriously the love of my life right now.....but don't tell Chris that. I also love King Arthur Flour. I'm ashamed to admit that I originally fell in love with this flour because of the name :lol: I mean come on, KING ARTHUR FLOUR!? How epic.
But then I reasoned with myself. A girl can not love a flour for it's name alone, nay, I also love it for the quality and care with which this mill produces all it's varieties of flour from. It's high quality and makes for such awesome baked goods.

In any case, happy Nom Nom Day/Turkey Day/Stuff Yourself Full Day if you reside here in the States :)

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