Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Good Gardener

Garden Joy

I love gardening.
I love it more than sewing, baking and photography. It's a sincere passion. I've even thought about starting a blog called the Good Gardener because there are things I just want to write about. Not that there aren't enough books, blogs, passed on knowledge, heirloom seeds and dirt to write about already, but there is something special about each person's garden and their experience.

I garden because it's imperfect, dirty, wet, hot, cold hard labor.
It's easy and it's hard.
You learn constantly, you will never "know it all".
It's a skill that will never learn in an office.
It's a life cycle and a life style every season, every year.
I love it, I get so excited for it.

Today is planting day for the cool weather starters. It's my first year planting potatoes, onion and garlic. I'm hoping for moderate success on all of them and no potato beetles in the summer.

The Plan Stan

Neighbors kind of laugh at me and think I'm silly for planning out alot of my flower and food crops, but I have to do it because after awhile you forget what bulb you put where or what seed is spouting in the second row behind the corn. Having a notebook of each season also helps me figure out what I hated planting and working with and what thrived.

It's helpful to have a notebook in the winter. I usually don't journal in the summer because, well I'm too busy gardening.

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