Monday, June 13, 2011

The Urban Garden

It's been a few years since I've had a sizeable garden.  To be honest I haven't had a real garden since I was about 10 years old and that was when we lived outside the city limits and had a store room for all the canning we did.  Not to mention a HUGE chest freezer for all the other veggies that needed frozen.
The Garden '11

The funny thing about gardening and my family is that only 2 of us 5 kids actually do it.  My sister Sarah and I however, both live in the 'Burbs so it's hard to get that large canning garden we both really want.  I mean it's hard to beat homemade salsa or pickles. 

If you've been keeping track you might recognize alot of the plants that have sprung up.  Though I'm most proud of my potatoes and peas, I'm very excited to have actually had great results with the garlic and onions (which were SUPER easy to grow) because it was my first year trying them.

Potato / Potahto

The peas have been really trying, though their leaves seem to be browning badly on the bottom and I think it might be due to all the rain. I'd like to plant a bigger crop next year and hopefully get some sweet peas managed.

Peas please!

I have a dream, a dream to one day have a Sweet Pea Teepee in my garden, but it'll probably be at another house in a few years, down a more country road.

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