Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My "Extra" Thanksgiving Day

Traditionally Thanksgiving is in the Fall, November to be exact, and it's a day filled with relatives, overeating, football, homemade rolls and catnaps.  But for a lot of folks the 4th of July is like a mini-Thanksgiving in the middle of summer.  There's no turkey and probably not too many homemade rolls or pumpkin pies, but there's still a lot of overeating, football and  "thank yous" that happen.

Aaron's send off
Sometimes the thanks comes more as a bear hug, an upward "sup" nod or in this case an early Easter egg hunt.

Aaron's Easter

And sometimes they're said to people who've already paid their dues and moved on. 

Grandpa Brewer

Really though to me the 4th isn't always about freedom or our country's history. It's about knowing that you can go out and enjoy a few hotdogs and watch fireworks with one hell of a hard working brother and know that he's safe and you're safe because everyone's sacrifice, no matter the size, is equal.

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