Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Battle Wounds

This weekend we did 2 mountain bike rides.  John Bryan on Saturday and Caesar's Creek on Sunday.
JB is now officially "cake".  Caesar's Creek however, will be spoken of in hushed tones of fear and loathing.  It kicked our butt's to next week and back.  I seriously thought my heart was going to explode! How do people BIKE up half those hills?! I'll never know.  Sure it's possible because anything is possible, but oh.my.god.

Poor Chris got mauled by his peddle ramming into his shin, the bruise is about 6 inches long.  I slid down a ridiculous hill sideways while walking my bike down.  My crank/gear area nailed me right above my ankle and it's swollen to the size of a walnut.  There were 4 of us and we were muddy, exhausted and banged up, but we rode those trails anyways and we did some crazy stuff that seemed ridiculous.

You might say, Rebekah, you're crazy to keep riding trails like that! I say, why not? Just because I get so hurt I cry and get pissed off at how hard it is I still managed to ride on and tough it out.

But let me just tell you it will be a long while before I haul myself back out to that trail.
Respect yo.

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