Sunday, October 30, 2011

Retiring the Tank

Anyone whose ever owned a good, solid sewing machine knows the sadness that comes from your machine breaking down in the middle of a project.  My Pfaff 1475 has been a real trooper over the last 5 years that we've owned it.  It was first my husband's and then it was passed on to me.  Now it's going back to the hub's because the mother board is going out on it.  To fix it will cost around $300, but Chris is convinced he can fix it himself in house.  Despite his offer (and best intentions) I think it's time to move on for me. I'm getting a newer "used" classroom model from our local quilt shop. The Pfaff Expression 2.0.  We're also getting one for his mom which I secretly hope she doesn't ruin within the year.  She's got a bit of a "bad touch" when it comes to anything computerized.  He's hoping that since both her and I will have the same models that I can help her if she gets stuck....(insert laughing sigh here).

They don't actually make this model any more and the design itself is barely a few years old, but it's a beauty.  I'm not very keen on computers in sewing machines, but since that seems to be the "wave of the future" I've been forced to go with the flow.  This machine sews like silk.  It has a super wide throat (which means we may have to modify my beautiful sewing table, eep!) to accomodate bulkier projects.  Even the computerized display will tell you what foot you need to attach and a suggested tension for your thread.  It's like sewing has become too easy nowadays.

I remember learning to wind bobbins and thread the machine on my mom's old Singer.  It wasn't easy, but it was a work horse.  Many Barbie's were well clothed when I was at the machine.  Still I can't help but give the ole' 1475 a good salute for a job well done.  It's not down and out yet, so I hope I can keep it around for a bit longer.

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