Monday, November 7, 2011


Guinness Paw

I had a very unexpected bit of luck last Friday.  I got a rather big "spot" on the Etsy Holiday promotion page for Personalization, which has since rotated to feature another category as of Monday at midnight.  In fact it was so big it's practically buried me in orders.  While there's alot to do and so much to get in line I have to make sure that I'm keeping my wits about me these days.  I'll admit it's hard.  I am, afterall, very much human and the Holiday rush can be overwhelming when you don't foresee lucky windfalls.

When the unexpected happens it's usually human nature to spaz out, which I did in spades on Saturday.  It's not easy to accept a windfall when you strive so very hard to forge your own path.  I work so hard to uphold extraordinary customer service in a business that's personalized down to the last detail and make sure that each ornament I create is something I, personally, would be proud to place on my tree.
I need to reaffirm to myself that I can do this.  That I can uphold the quality that I place in my products. 
I may be a bit absent in the next few weeks, but I'll try and update as much as humanly possible.
So keep me in your thoughts and prayers because each year it seems that I'm given more opportunities to prove that I am capable of taking the heat and giving back to my patrons.  Without my customers I would truly be nothing and that means so much in a world that's so focused on mass produced quality.

p.s. My parents are so very proud of me for being able to do what I do and love it.

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