Thursday, December 8, 2011

Found and Loved!

I had to run errands out in miserable weather on Monday. It was pouring rain, cold and windy, but I needed black thread as I'd run completely out.  While I browsed thru the craft store I came across a really adorable UK magazine called Mollie Makes.

Their slogan is Living and Loving Handmade.  I even love the covers of each issue.  So clever and vibrant and it's always a handful of lovely crafts that you can find featured in the issue.

They also have a blog you can follow: that's updated nearly ever day.  There you can download crafty patterns for a small fee and view how-tos and techniques.  I'm very keen on this magazine but it costs a pretty penny for a US subscription (almost $100 for 12 issues) Santa if you're listening!  Still if you're in love with the handmade life and meeting artists and designers who love it as much as you this periodical is definitely for you!

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Xenia said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Nope, I'm not from OH. Xenia is just my blog name and actually what I named my first car.

I've browsed through Mollie Makes in the shops and it seems like a lovely magazine. But I'm too cheap to pay the 5 GBP newsstand price. :)

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