Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Resolution(s)

It's that time again.  When I come out of vacation hibernation a little more revived in the creativity department and ready to take on more "adventurous pursuits".  In no particular order here's what I hope for my 2012.

#1 Not bury myself in projects at the last minute.
Bury me down at the Log Cabin

#2  I will finish sewing all my half started projects...entirely.

#3 Discontinue a few ornaments and add more ready-to-ship options.

#4 Introduce ornament kits (ooooh! ahhh!)

#5  Get more haircuts!  The constant ponytail is giving me headaches.

#6 Plant a simpler veggie garden, but with more potatoes.
#7 Take more pictures

#8 Remodel our disgusting pink tiled bathroom.

#9 Have a baby and make a gallant attempt at motherhood.
That last one isn't really a resolution as it is an announcement that the Tumus house will be growing this year, probably around the end of summer.  This means I'll have to take things a little slower once the little bean gets here, but it'll be a good thing.
Happy New Year (a tad late) ^_^


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Oh how fun it will be to make baby things! I'm wishing you loads of energy and patience for the New Year.

All of those resolutions are good ones ... hmmmm, finishing unfinished projects ... hmmm, could do with that one here.

Tumus said...

LOL yes I've already managed to start 2 new ones without first completing my old ones from the end of 2011.

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