Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Quick Quilting Tips

Despite all of our remodeling I've been working on all my overdue Christmas projects that were put on hold due to the Holiday Rush on Tumus and then my previous sewing machine biting the dust.

One of these projects is for my sister-in-law.
It's going to be a wall hanging of the American Flag that's been stylized.  The pattern is called "Stars & Bars" by Minick & Simpson. 
As I was getting my fabric cut out and stacked I thought I would point out few things that might help you on your next quilting project.

Tools you will always find useful while sewing:
- pen and paper
- camera or cellphone with camera
 - sharp scissors that are dedicated to fabric-only use
- a rotary cutter usually a 45mm or 60mm blade is best
- a self-healing cutting mat and a ruler as long as your mat
- seam ripper (definitely)
- small thread snips 
- an iron
- good lighting, a comfy seat
- the ability to make mistakes and be okay with starting over ^_^

1) Organization is very helpful when you've got alot of bits and pieces. 
Layout your color combinations and take a picture, this will help you remember which colors you like best together.

 Stars & Banners

2) Do label piles and write down your fabric combinations.
This is especially helpful when you have cut pieces that are only different by a mere inch.  Post-it notes are great for this!

Write out your combos and label

3) Don't be afraid to mark on your fabric.  
I would recommend either a pencil or a water soluble pen, but sometimes you can get away with using a ball-point pen.  Marking like this is especially helpful when you need to sew on a diagonal!

Mark it

or if you don't feel like marking and are comfortable with your sewing skills you can do this instead.
Using your top thread simply pull it from one point to the next and start sewing following your thread as you go.

Or you can mark it this way

These are just a few tips to help you out, but there are dozens of other tricks you can use.  If you have any quilting suggestions or tips that you know of feel free to post in the comments!

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