Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Stalling For Good Reason

My back got tweaked terribly last week.  Tweaked to the point that I couldn't walk.  I've never hurt my back like that before so I literally spent all last weekend in my recliner icing my sore spot and lamenting over the ever gathering dust and laundry piles.  You know because missing 2 days of cleaning makes for a terribly messy house (not).

So for now sewing and garden planning are at a bit of a stand still.  I'm just glad I can finally move around enough to make myself feel human again.

I was hoping to show you some of the stars I'd pieced together for my sister-in-law's wall hanging and my bag mods for Craft for Hope's Project 16, but those will have to wait.

Till then pray for snow or dream of Spring!

Violet Violas

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