Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What's on the board

I had alot going on last week so it's nice to get back into a normal crafting ebb and flow.

Kooper & Duncan

Sarah contacted me mid-season last year wanting 3 ornaments for her pups.  She has two sweet and hard working Siberian Huskies (Kooper and Khole Ann) and one Kookerhondje (Duncan).  Kookerhondje's are in a word beautifully awesome.  I've never come across this breed to date so it's rarity is pretty cool.

Duncan final

But I think this might be a new favorite breed for me.  Just LOOK at those puppy pictures!

I've also been busy sketching out ornament kits for this year and attempting some bag designs for Craft for Hope's newest project though I don't have any pictures of my attempts just yet.  I've discovered that I need to really refine my sewing skills.  I've gotten a bit rusty.

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