Friday, April 20, 2012

The Garden Blooms

If I had thought better of it I would've taken pictures of each stage my Spring bulbs have opened.  However, the daffodils did not seem to fair too well with the insanely warm March we had so they dwindled very quickly.


But the tulips are flourishing and thanks to some careful reading and a bit of planning I planted a few varieties that bloom in the later part of Spring and they are very long lasting apparently....

The Tulip Bed

as they've been opened since the end of March!


I'm very pleased with these and hope that I can squeak out at least 3 good years before they need replaced.  As any bulb gardener knows, tulips don't last unfortunately.

The peonies and daylilies are also coming along very well though I don't think either will bloom this year. It's good to see that the stock was good.  And my Siberian Irises that I divided last year are really taking off and ready to open soon.  If you ever wonder how perennials grow just remember this saying: The first year they sleep, the second year they creep, the third year they leap!

If gardening has taught me anything it's that plants will grow on their own time and no one else's.  Lots and lots of patience.

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