Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sewing machine work out

With the weather oddly cooler this month than last I haven't been as tempted to cavort in my garden just yet.  Which is a good thing as my project list is growing steadily.

If you've read my Sewing Tips posts you'll have seen this wall hanging in various states of progress.  I've finally got the layout I want and now am nearing the final stages of completion!

Crystal's Stars & Banners quilt

This is just the general layout of the star blocks which all measure 8 1/2" square all around.  Something I'm VERY proud of because it's such a pain to get nicely squared blocks in the end.  There's still more to do on it.  There's red sashing that will go between the rows and along the sides.  Then if I can find what I'm looking for a navy blue bunting to go along the top.

While it may be hard to envision the finished product right now it's going to look lovely once everything is quilted and bound up.

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