Thursday, October 4, 2012

This is Life

She did it....

And it's tiring and hilarious all at the same time.  That crappy pic was taken from my phone and for some reason she was pooping up a storm.  It was pure luck that I caught her pointing back at me.  She's going be an onery one I just know it.

I have been doing some sewing as crazy as that may be but it's nice and at times a good way to give my tired brain a break for an hour.  So far Fi likes to hang out in her swing and watch me cut and sew when we manage to get down to the new sewing room.  She's starting to coo over the colors which is pretty darn cute and she's already been to my two favorite quilt stores where she's a mini-celebrity.

First attempt at the jellyroll 1600

(I'm almost finished with that quilt above, it's made using a fun quick pattern called Jellyroll 1600)

Old women are funny, but I think the oldest women give the best advice.  It's usually advice that the modern world as all but forgotten.  It's common sense mixed with centuries of intuition and there's alot to be learned from that and it's nice that they still remember enough of it to pass it on.

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