Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Le Serger

Threading new serger not as bad as I imagined.

I bought this as a treat and investment in my sewing skills.
I like to think I have mad skillz when it comes to sewing, but let's not kid ourselves.  You can ALWAYS get better and fancier.

It's a Viking S200 model and it's nicely compact and basic for a newbie serger like myself.  I was given the good advice to buy different colored spools of thread  so I could better spot any tension issues I might encounter as I started sewing.  I must say it was great advice because it made it much easier to follow my thread as I threaded it for the first time and once I began to practice on scraps it helped me see what threads did what "stitch".
And it looks pretty!

Chris and I looked at a few sergers and I actually found this one at a local Jo-Anns, but bought it thru one of my favorite quilt shops, Sew-A-Lot in Centerville, OH.  We've also bought ALL of our Pfaff sewing machines thru them as well because they typically have a nice selection of used models.
Yay local!

In any case the Viking is brand spanking new.
And it's a beast of a in it sews wicked fast.  If you've never sewn with a serger before you might be surprised at how speedy they are and watch out for the trimming blade because it will come up fast!  I'm still tinkering around with it and plan to repair a busted pillow cover I've had lying around for a few months as my first real attempt at serging something nicely.

But before I go here is a shot of some of the "innards".
Innards of the machine.

I must say that color coding where the threads need to go is SO helpful.  Hopefully you can see the tiny dots of color on parts of the gears. Also, providing a nice diagram of what goes where is amazing.  This serger actually threads right to left which is nice because you don't need to remember what looper thread to do first.

It's not as scary as I had thought.

Happy sewing!

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