Friday, March 28, 2014

The Flu, A Book Signing, and Projects Galore

About two weeks ago the three of us suffered a short but brutal bout of stomach flu.  The day that I came down with it was the day before a long anticipated book tour stop for Brandon Sanderson's, Words of Radiance. Go figure.

Despite being unable to crawl out of bed 36 hours prior to seeing him, I was determined (determined meaning damn stubborn, according to my husband)  to see him.  I managed to drag my sleep deprived carcass to not only the signing, but the hour long interview, Q&A session he did.  I even scored a Shard Hunt card for asking a question about the prolific artwork that abounds throughout the book!

Geeking out

I'm feeling loads better now, but have been extremely busy with a few side projects and a final order of dog ornaments for GRREAT.  I know I said I wasn't doing them any more, but Jessie and I had discussed doing one last batch a few months back.  It's hard to say no when it's for such a "GRREAT" cause.

I also hope to have a guest blog post up over on Lupin's blog soon AND I'm steadily chipping away at the Feather quilt.  The pattern issues still plague me and sadly I've yet to hear back from the editors of Quilty, but I'm muddling thru regardless :)

Hope your weekend is warmish, pleasant and fun!

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