Monday, August 25, 2014

The Feather Quilt (DONE!)

Allison's Wedding Quilt

It's DONE! Completed, boxed up, lovingly given and well received.

I'll admit to being extremely attached to this project.
It certainly was a love/hate relationship with all the pattern woes, but I am so immensely proud of the final result.  I even got a little weepy before wrapping it up.  It's hard to part with something you've put so much effort into, especially knowing you'll never see it again.

012 (2)


The main backing fabric looks so uniform, which surprised even me seeing as it's split down the middle and sewn back together to make 2 seperate pieces.  Even the pieced section looks remarkably "intentional".

Pieced backing

And those points.  I feel like I could've almost entered this in a competition.

Perfect Points

020 (3)

Even if it's hot (Summer finally showed up over the weekend here in the Midwest) never underestimate a good final quilt snuggle.

It's MINE!

If you'd like to see how this whole project came together from beginning to end follow the link below:

Happy Quilting!

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