Friday, January 30, 2009

So much SNOW

Well it IS that time of year. And this happens to be "about" the time we get all the snow. But in case, 4 inches of snow, with 2 inches of sleet, topped by another 9 inches of snow might be a tad excessive.

Not only that, but it's made me one paranoid driver. Even the public transport has suspended service on certain days till the roads are cleared. It's not good when your city is on a snow emergency (meaning vehicles are supposed to be off the road and in your driveway) but that they are incredibly low on salt already. Christ people it's only February you still have a whole 2 months till Spring!
So there's been alot of sand put down. Which is great for traction and gives the snow a nice brown-grey hue.

Even our next door neighbor needed help plowing out.

And this just in....blizzard like conditions and another possible winter storm is set to roll in around Monday of next week. It's still a bit to early to tell it's exact tract but this doesn't give me much confidence that it'll miss us.

"The next big weather maker will be a winter storm, forecast to develop Sunday night over the Northern Gulf, and track northeast, impacting the Eastern States Monday into Tuesday.
This has the potential to be a strong winter storm, impacting areas from the Gulf Coast, through the New England States. However, the exact track and intensity still remain very uncertain.
For now, the general thinking is that heavy snow and wind could impact parts of the Interior Northeast, Upper Ohio Valley, eastern Tennessee Valley and southern Appalachians.
Wind, rain, and possible flooding could impact eastern areas of the New England States, including the bigger cities. "

Maybe we'll get another snow day like we did on Wednesday :lol:

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