Monday, February 2, 2009

My Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades

Well in personal life my car situation is slowly working itself out. My lawyer, god bless him, is doing all the dirty work. Iknow that's what he's supposed to do :lol: but it's just a nice stress off my theory.

I still worry about it of course because that's what I do in situations like these especially when I don't have any control over the outcome or am working thru a middleman. It's really put a damper on my real job oddly enough, but creatively I've just been going nuts!

I've made about 4 pincushions over the weekend that I need to, no, that i WILL photograph and list tonight over on PinPinn. And then I need to list coasters over on Tumus. It seems so crazy, but I'm still thinking about narrowing Tumus' shop theme down a bit to help focus on my field again which in that shop was originally animal themed, but may shift once more. I really can't decide on what I'd like to do in there. The shop feels a tiny bit cluttered and I'd really like to clean it up and give it a professional overhaul. Pinpinn feels kind of like my grown-up shop. A place where I can show how my sewing has improved and my creativity has sprouted.
I still hope to offer the personalized dog and cat ornaments earlier in the season over at Tumus. I want to give people more of a chance to get their orders in and I'm going to ask permission to advertise in my vet clinic also. Of course taking on an ambitious advertising scheme such as a vet clinic might just overload me in the end. But heck, if I don't try once I'll just never know and then I'll regret it.

I also read a really great post in the forums today about how sometimes you have to hustle and by hustle I mean get your butt in gear. It made me laugh mostly because it made me think of pimps and ho's but also because it's true.
If you can't hustle your talent then where are you going to go??

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