Tuesday, February 24, 2009


The bad news: there is no key to the universe. The good news: it was never locked. -Swami Beyondananda

Or as in Hitchhiker's Guide, the answer is simply 42.

Been busy working, foraging for supplies, and of course creating. I've run into a strange perdiciment when it comes to finding a wholesaler of Emery Sand, also known as aluminum oxide. I've been hunting for a sizable amount thru car paint shops, warehouses, and of course online vendors. I haven't been very successful in finding the grade I want/need but I have managed to find a few sources. Still why on earth is it so freakin' hard to find supplies WHEN you need them? And why is it so hard to find suppliers willing to sell to the little guys, like me and other independent artists??

But it's not just emery that's hard to come by it's environmentally friendly fiber filling. Jo-ann's had been gracious enough to work out a deal with me so I could order EcoCraft Fiberfill from them, but they are no longer stocking this particular brand from Mountain Mist. I'll be darn'd if I'm going back to the "air whipped" plastic fluff that's polyester. I was very sad about it because it meant that it wasn't moving the way that they'd hoped (and I had hoped) and that I'd have to add it to my list of things to find online. Fortunately I'd kept a general list of other suppliers who sold the stuff and found it in a local fabric shop near where I work. Same pricing too!

So I guess it worked out. Sometimes I wish other crafters would nod me in the right direction when it comes to hard to find supplies. I may eventually find them, but some things are industry secrets in a way. It's hard to get in the "know" if you will.

Other than all that business I'll be taking pictures of some new emery squares and making a few new emery editions....so long as I don't run out of the stuff first :lol: Look for their listings in PinPinn during this week ^_^

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