Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Karma Karma

This past week has just felt hectic and out of sorts. I believe my day job is to blame for my drain on creativity. I've even stopped bringing my WIP (works in progress) box to work. So there's been absolutely no sanity in my work days since sewing has been my only salvation lately.

I have been reading my beloved manga (Japanese comic books) again and have started on a lovely new series called From Far Away. I'm pretty taken with it already. The thing that is so disappointing is borrowing them from the local library. Most of the time when I've finished the books I've checked out and go to get the next set, half the series is checked out or lost or stolen or in another part of the state. This means I have to wait for days and sometimes weeks before I can get back into a series again. Makes me a sad panda. I have a feeling that I MAY not have as much trouble finding this series in stock, but then again with schools letting out for the summer who knows what will get checked out just when I want most to read it.

I have been sewing believe it or not and on some good advice from LilFish(who has been a wonderful help), Tumus's shop will be going on a short 2 week hiatus starting this coming Sunday. There's alot of rethinking I need to do with it and general organizing of thoughts. Call it the inner struggle between good and evil if you will.
Don't worry Pinpinn will still be open!

We had a decent Memorial Day weekend. I'm grateful for the long holiday weekends however short they might feel. I've used a good portion of my vacation time for the pending Wedding and Honeymoon days off so even though I wanted another day off I couldn't chance it.
Saturday was spent planting flowers and sprucing up the yard. Everything looks pretty nice with all the color added.
Sunday we had an impromptu cookout and feasted on hamburgers and hotdogs, strawberries, chips, potato salad, ice tea, and apple pie. There's so much leftover we could eat for a week. We all said a prayer for Aaron and made sure to hang out flags in the front yard. It was a nice gathering, somber, but happy.

Since Saturday and Sunday were so busy Monday was thankfully a PJ day! I did eventually do a little more cleanup from the cookout and managed to finish up a few more pincushions and emery fruit slices for Pinpinn.
I went on a walk around the neighborhood later that evening and happened across a poor worm nearly dried up on the sidewalk. He struggled towards the grass but I could tell he would never make it so I picked him up and nestled him close to the dirt. I felt better that it would be safe or at least safer. It wasn't like I had helped an old lady across the street or anything. However, if you know anything about Buddhist beliefs you'll know that there's strong beliefs in reincarnation. Maybe that worm really WAS someone's Grandma from a past life. Maybe I really HAD helped an old lady across the street after all.

Who knows, all I can tell is that today is Tuesday and there's alot to be done.

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